"This is just a quick note to let you know how very pleased I am with your product.... I am in the recruiting business specialized in IT, and have thousands of resumes on file, applicants who have every imaginable IT skillset under the sun. You can imagine what a needle-in-a-haystack it is to find just the right applicant with the right skills for any given employer.

Formerly I was tediously entering data into a database by hand, a time consuming, never-ending task, trying to keep up with applicant skillsets and company technologies. It was a losing battle.

Your product dtSearch for me is an incredible breakthrough. Because of its boolean text based file search capabilities, it completely bypasses the need to enter data anywhere, and has freed me from a monotonous time consuming data entry task, which allows me to put my time to much better use finding new clients and interviewing more applicants rather than waste it on administration. The data is already there, all I needed was the tool to find it. dtSearch is that tool. It is completely flexible and allows me to do business my own way, rather than try to bend my business to fit some packaged recruiting software solution, of which I have seen several. This flexibility is very important to me.

Thanks to your product I have been able to move my business to the next level. At last we are seeing some benefit from all the promises of productivity increase that computers can provide us, thanks to dtSearch. What a pleasure it is to use your product. And, please do me a favour and do not let my competitors in on this secret!"

-Spectrum Computer Personnel Inc. is a Toronto based agency specializing in contract and permanent jobs for IT Programmers and Analysts in Canada and the Northeastern USA, and "a happy user of dtSearch!" Please contact them for your IT recruiting needs at www.interlog.com/~hedhntr/ or by email at hedhntr@interlog.com