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dtSearch™ Applications

dtSearch™ can be used in a wide number of applications as follows:

Detailed research projects – dtSearch™ has over two dozen options for searching. This is a necessary requirement for researchers who need to search through large amounts of data for specific information. A simple search will yield too many documents to sift through. dtSearch™’s search options allow researchers to find that proverbial “needle in a haystack”. dtSearch™ also has a forensic indexer to allow for all documents in an organization to be indexed at once.

Internet or Intranet Search Engine – dtSearch™ can be installed on both internet and intranet servers as either an out-of-the-box or customized solutions. This will allow users to search all documents that have been specified by the administrator.

Desktop Searching – a very easy desktop search engine to index all documents on a hard drive, network or website. Many personnel agencies use dtSearch™ to index resumes to quickly find the best candidates for a position. Because dtSearch™ indexes Outlook e-mails and their attachments, many agencies simply drag and drop the e-mail to a specific folder in their Outlook program and then do a search on that folder.

Network Searching – dtSearch™ can be used as an enterprise wide document management program. Users can only search those areas of the network in which they have been given access to by the network administrator. A full text search is performed on all documents within those specified by the user.

CD Production – dtSearch™ Publish has a wizard which will index documents for transfer to a CD. The user can then perform specific searches on the CD using the dtSearch™ technology. This is used by many organizations to distribute CD’s with technical data, information sheets and periodicals to both employees and customers. Many legal firms use dtSearch™ Publish to index documents for legal cases and distribution to the court system and clients.

Document Management Integration – dtSearch™ has been integrated with many other document management applications to provide a full text search engine within that application. These applications range from web based solutions to fully integrated applications for resale to the end user.

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